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For those who haven't heard about LASIK, it's a laser vision correction procedure, or a corneal reshaping surgery, that has helped millions get clear vision without glasses and contacts. But LASIK is more than just a vision correction procedure - it changes lives by giving patients natural vision. It opens the door to a new lifestyle, one where glasses and contacts no longer limit your freedom. LASIK continues to be the miracle procedure it was when it first received FDA approval, only now it's better.

In the vision industry, technology moves fast. New innovations come out on a regular basis, and with each progressive addition, LASIK patients are given a greater opportunity to reach that goal of perfect vision. With Custom LASIK innovations like Wavefront mapping, IntraLase laser, and B&L Zyoptix, our patients are given much more than clear vision - they get a better quality of vision.

At Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley, LASIK is the most popular procedure and one that we are constantly trying to improve. You'll find we offer the latest technology here because we care about your results. We understand the equipment and software that minimizes risk, enhances your vision results, your safety, and your peace of mind. If you have nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, schedule a consultation to find out if LASIK can help you.

Here we believe that each of our patients is truly unique, and that you deserve highly customized vision treatment. That's why we offer Custom LASIK on a very personalized scale. Whereas traditional LASIK was limited in its measurement capabilities, custom LASIK provides the most individualized vision data possible. With Wavefront mapping, Dr. Bindi is able to measure lower-order and higher-order aberrations in order to ensure you get the corneal correction you need. At Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley, you get a LASIK procedure that is designed just for you.

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Learn more about eliminating your dependence on glasses and contacts with the advanced LASIK procedure. Call or email our friendly and knowledgeable staff at San Francisco's Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley for a comprehensive and informative consultation.

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