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Are All Lasers the Same?

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When it comes to your vision, would you consider compromising a high standard of safety or the potential for 20/20 vision by choosing a LASIK center that charges less? Most patients would say "no way."

At Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley, we believe our patients deserve supreme technology and an affordable price. Our laser technology is state-of-the-art, and you can bet that when the next big innovation occurs, we'll be one of the first to integrate it into our practice.

The average patient has the disadvantage of not really knowing that much about laser technology and what the differences are between various lasers. And while the technical aspects can be a bit dizzying, it's the end result - your vision quality - that we're most concerned with.

All excimer lasers have received FDA approval, but that just means they've met certain minimum standards. The excimer lasers available for LASIK can vary substantially in precision, accuracy, and quality. Some LASIK centers (most notably the discount centers) may use lower cost lasers, which can mean a lesser chance of achieving high quality vision results and a greater chance you'll need enhancements. Since you've only got one set of eyes, wouldn't you prefer the laser that underwent top research protocol and was created with state-of-the-art engineering principles?

At Laser Eye Center of Silicon Valley, you'll never have to compromise.

We offer only the best laser technology:

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